Posted by: pianofingers618 | January 4, 2010


Hm… I can’t quite remember what it was that I was supposed to say… it was “Merry” something, I’m pretty sure of that…Merry…? Oh wait…


I know that it’s kind of late, me being busy with the holidays, but I’m here now to tell you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m super happy for the New Year… and sorry that I couldn’t announce that either, because I was in Phoenix! Woo hoo! Not really. I’m not really into hot weather and the desert, so Arizona isn’t really my place to be. (I know that it’s ironic that I live in the desert, but really, I have no choice but to suffer through it until I’m 18.)

2010. Wow. The start of a new decade. Geez, now when I have to write the date on my homework, I’m going to get it wrong for months! Like earlier this year: In March, I was still writing 2008 instead of 2009 on my papers! Think of how hard it will be for 2010! That’s the only downside to New Years. Oh well. Too bad for me, I guess. Well, next year it will be even worse, so I guess that I shouldn’t be complaining.

So now I guess that I will blog about my wonderous life later!

Hasta la Vista, baby!


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