Posted by: pianofingers618 | December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Woo hoo! It is Christmas Eve already! 1 more day until Christmas! The big day, where the big, fat guy in the  red suit drops down your chimney and puts some gifts under your tree that were made by little people! Sounds fun. But who cares, it’s free presents for the little kids! (Not so free for the parents, but let’s not ruin the moment.) So…

On the twelfth day of Christmas, 
my true love sent to me 
Twelve drummers drumming, 
Eleven pipers piping, 
Ten lords a-leaping, 
Nine ladies dancing, 
Eight maids a-milking, 
Seven swans a-swimming, 
Six geese a-laying, 
Five golden rings, 
Four calling birds, 
Three French hens, 
Two turtle doves, 
And a partridge in a pear tree!

Yay! It is Christmas Eve! And now, along with the other annoying presents, you get twelve drummers beating the living sense out of you! And you love it! Crazy what some will do for true love…. But that all depends on the person, doesn’t it?

Ooh, I am so excited! I really like opening presents. That’s my favorite part of Christmas, besides seeing the face of someone who just got something that they really wanted but didn’t tell you. That’s the best.

Oh my goodness, my teacher totally freaked out the class before we left for Christmas break! He was like, “You should be super nice to your parents this Christmas, because of the economy, everybody is stressed. That’s why Christmas and New Years are the times of the year where there is the most suicide.” Isn’t that scary? But when you think about it, I can see why. Stress about getting someone something, and then if you didn’t expect someone to be there, and then they got you a present but you didn’t get them one. I’m not saying that suicide is the right option, but Christmas is really stressful. Just not on the little kids that still think Santa is real.

Okay, so I’m going to tell you the story about how I found out about Santa. I was ten, and it was around Summer or late Fall the year I turned ten. So my dad took me aside, and he told me: “Okay, because you’re ten now, I have to tell you something that’s really important: Santa isn’t real.” I was so sad, I started crying, and then I said, “So I guess that the Tooth Fairy and the Easter bunny aren’t real either?” He thought that was pretty funny. Not to me. No, by that time, I was mad at my sister, because I had just recently lost a tooth, and I made her promise that she wouldn’t tell our dad, so I could see if the Tooth Fairy was real. Turns out she told him. So then I was pissed. But oh well. But my parents still sometimes mark the presents “From: Santa”. Kinda cute, in a way.

Well, I shall blog later! Bye bye!


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