Posted by: pianofingers618 | October 9, 2009

October 9, 2009

Okay, so I’m sorry that I haven’t added anything on my blog for a while… I was really busy with catching up on school work, because I hadn’t gone to school for four days, so I had to catch up with a lot of work. But my teachers were understanding enough that I had a lot of time to make it up. But now, I have an Independent Study and book report in English, I had a ton of homework in math, but I finished it! Yay! And I also have a ton of homework in Social Studies about the Native American Tribe that we are studying, and mine is the Nez Perce, and I’m supposed to have 60 notecards on them, so I’m pretty stressed out now.

So, I guess that I will blog later about my fantastically interesting life…

So… Adios amigos!



  1. Hey…I miss your reading your stories…write some more please!

  2. it’s my pseudonym.

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