Posted by: pianofingers618 | October 5, 2009

The Wedding

Okay, I’m sorry that I didn’t get to blog for a while…I was busy. And the reason I was so busy was because I went to my first wedding on Saturday! It was amazing. It was for my cousin, and he is now the first in our generation to get married. I had so much fun. It was really cool, because it was at my aunt’s house, and her house is really pretty, so my sister and I got to help out. We got to videotape the ceremony. It was so cool! My cousin looked like a little kid when he said “I’m scared”, but he did fine. It was funny, because they could make up their own vows, and his was like, “I love you for your smiles…blah blah blah…and your hotdogs”. It was really funny! (He didn’t actually say the blah blah blah part, I just couldn’t hear what he said.) And their cake was the coolest that I’ve ever seen. It was white, and it had three layers. the layers were kind of lopsided, so the first layer tilted left, and the second tilted to the right. So the bottom layer had, like, diamonds of peach-ish frosting on top of the white, and then the middle layer had some black spirals, and the top layer had black frosting dots on it. On top of that, there were little spirals sticking up from the cake, and they were made of frosting. It was the most fantastic cake that I’ve ever seen.

Okay, so now I will talk about the dress. It was so pretty. It was white, (of course) and it kind of bunched up on one side, so the fabric kind of swooped, I guess. And then the bodice looked like it was a bunch of fabric folded over on itself, and it was kind of ruffled, in a sense. The neckline was kind of low, but not toolow. So then, there were frills around her neck, but they were pinned down on the straps of the dress. I’ve seen some beautiful dresses, but this one was gorgeous. And her shoes were crazy. They were 5- inch heels that were bright orange. They were amazing. My sister tried them on, and she got to be about four inches taller than me! It was crazy!

So afterwards, we had some dinner. It wasn’t great, but I wasn’t very hungry anyways, so I was okay. After the dinner, my cousin and his now beloved wife, danced to I’m Yoursby Jason Miraz. They are so cute! My cousin is so tall, but his wife is so short, so they completely balance each other out. And after they danced, everyone also joined in, and we had a huge dance party. It was pretty fun. But the music was so loud that we had to have the Police come by a couple of times because of it.

So after the wedding, we all went home, and I totally crashed, because guess what? I’m still sick.

Okay, so I guess that I’ll blog later!



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