Posted by: pianofingers618 | October 1, 2009

Our kitties

          Okay, so this is a picture of the cutest kitty on the planet, and his name is Max. (Short for Maximus, only because he eats so much lol just kiddin’) Isn’t he just adorable? He really is feral, but we can pick him up and hold him when we give them food. He has two other brothers, and one other sister, and his mom. The other brothers are Jackson, who is black and white and is really slim; Tut, who is kind of Siamese-looking…I think; and there is Bill, who is the girl, who we thought was a boy, who we then found out was a girl, so we called her Alice after Alice Cooper because she has dark streaks under her eyes, and it looks like watering mascara, so we called her Alice, but I’ve called her Bill for so long I can’t get it out of my head that she is Alice, not Bill. Oh well, she doesn’t know the difference. But we can hold Tut and Max, and they are mostly fine with us holding them, especially Max, because he is a big pushover, and he will cuddle with you if you hold him for just a couple seconds. And Tut just likes to be held because it makes him feel secure. (We think.) So, when we hold him, we can’t walk around too much, because then he will freak out and start scratching you if you don’t let go of him, or if you don’t grab him by the scruff in time. But then there’s Jackson and Bill. We don’t know why Jackson doesn’t like to be held, but he is terrified when you hold him, so we don’t hold him as much as the other two boys.

          So then there’s Bill. We think that Bill doesn’t like to be held only because she is a girl, and girls are more skittish than boys, so she gets really scared when we try to hold her. But sometimes, we put food out separately for the momma cat, and then Bill goes over there and eats it all! So we go to pick her up, and that is the only time that she is not scared when we pick her up, but then she notices that it is us who are holding her, and then she freaks out.

Okay, I will try and get more kitty pics on here! See ya!

Max the kitty!



  1. hey! thats my cat. not yours!! 😡

    • I know, it’s just easier to say “my cat” than “my sisters’ cat”, you know?

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