Posted by: pianofingers618 | September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

          Okay, so now I have just finished my math homework! Yay for me! So now I get to do my literature homework. *sigh*. Oh well, at least it’s due on Friday! Yay! Lol, so yeah. Okay, so today, I got to miss one of my classes to go to a meeting! Yay for me! Happy day, happy day. And that class was P.E., so I guess that I could have missed worse classes, but I didn’t want to have to actually excercise. *shudder* Ugh. That is just disturbing.

          So I got to go to a meeting, and it was about a paper that my friend wrote that we were going to publish in our school’s online newspaper, but the principal says, and I quote, “I think that we should cut the part about the teacher,” (who I will make anonymous) “that said that ‘former highschool students would come back to me and tell me how they were always stoned in my class’. I also would cut the part about the interview with the students who were doing marijuana,” (the paper was about kids and doing marijuana in middle schools) “because parents will be very surprised, and they will think ‘maybe they were stoned in all their other classes as well’, and I also think that we should cut the part about how marijuana is being sold on campus, and how students aredoing it on campus.” See, the reason that I am so angry about this is because the whole body of this girl’s paper was what he wanted to cut, except for the first paragraph. See, I’m one of the editors of this online newspaper, and I thought that the paper was amazing, and that it was completely accurate. What also bugs me is that the principal also said “I don’t like censorship.” What he just told her to cut out was total censorship to the max! That was like, pre-censorship! It’s just like him saying to her, “This article makes our school look bad, so I don’t want it to be published on the Internet, because then other people might get the wrong idea about our school.” Also, parents aren’tsurprised about the statistics for how many kids do marijuana (because the paper was done on how many kids do marijuana in Middle Schools), ad so if th parents see that, they will just think, “Oh, hey, that’s not as bad as I thought. I thought there were way more kids doing it.” And the girl’s mom told her to do that as an article. Her own mom. So I don’t think that parents would be very surprised with the statistics. Also, now we have to run almost allof our articles by the principal, even if we run it by our teacher/sponsor first. Yikes.

          Okay, I have to get on with life. So also today, I had a test in Social Studies. Wahoo. It wasn’t too bad, but I dont’ think that I did the best that I could. Oh, well.

          So, I guess that I will add some more stuff that’s going on in my life later, but now, I’ve got to go, so I’ll see ya later!



  1. Hello! Nice blog! The Mac was being counterintuative when he said that he didn’t believe in censorship… anyway, see you at school!

    • I so do agree, The Mac was actually being kind of a jerk when he said “I might kill the whole thing”. NOT COOL! And okely dokely, I will see you at school on Friday!

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